What we're working on now...

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture includes managing soil erosion , improving pasture productivity and ground cover, regrowth control, farming technology, financial benchmarking and more.

Beers, Barbies & Yarns

Waggamba Landcare organise field days, farm walks, demo days, workshops and on farm trials with the aim of sharing the existing knowledge within the community and to bring new knowledge in through research.

Harrisia Cactus Containment Line

Harrisia Cactus was first introduced to the district as a garden plant and from there has escaped into the wider landscape creating large impenetrable thickets affecting livestock and wildlife.  Waggamba Landcare is working with key partners and producers to implement a containment line to stop the spread and push it back towards the core infestation east of Goondiwindi

Coordinated Feral Pig Control

Feral Pigs impact heavily on the environment and agriculture across the Waggamba Landcare area and to reduce the impacts Waggamba Landcare works with large clusters of neighbouring properties to coordinate feral pig control programs. The larger the area controlled, the longer it takes for the population to build up and reinfest.

Connective Landscapes

Waggamba Landcare works with producers to enhance the condition and connectivity of ecosystems across property boundaries.  On-ground works include fencing along creek lines, installing off stream watering points, planting pasture buffer strips, fencing along vegetation clumps.

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